4 Weird Haitian Sayings I’ve Learned from My Mother!

Haitian Parents,like parents of many other cultures say a lot of things that just don’t makes sense. Among some of these weird ,here is a list of the top 4 weirdest Haitian i’v learn from my mother;

  1. Zombies Ap Bat Madanm Li

    (Translation :A zombies beating his wife)


I think we were driving down some road on our way to lord know where,the sun was shinning then it began to rain which the sun was still out shinning like it aint nobodies bussiness that the rain want to …lol…come in and rain on our parade…(see what i did there).

Anyways ,so she says : “Oh its raining and the sun shining,a zombie must be beating his wife somewhere.”

My reaction: “So were just going to start making stuff up now….What the heck does that even mean “i4ovlkqc said in trying now to suffocate while laughing.

“Oh,Its just something people say when its raining and the sun is still shinning.”




2. Itchy Hands = I’m gonna get some money soon.

“Oh,my hands are itching,that means someone’s about to give me a couple stacks soon”To be honest i never even argued with that one.It wasn’t as weird as the domesticly-abusive-zombie so i just










 3. Pabale pie ou ou byen ou pap marye

(translation: Don’t broom your feet or else you wont get married…or something like that )

waist3h1efds2My first instinct when heard her say this for the first time was to broom my feet as fast as i can…..So i did.

Me: ” Mum look..”    *brooms feet furiously.

Mum:”Oh non pa fe ca(oh no dont do that )”


4. Feet scratching = Someone coming to see me.feet

To be honest, i don’t even remember if i heard this one from mum or not….oh well…sound like something she’d say.200_s



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