I swear, im not high

I know it’s going to sound like I’m high AF but trust me I’m not.Really.I swear.

Have you ever tried sitting down at a corner of your room and just chill.read a book or write or just star around.As I’m writing this I just plotted down next to me perfectly functional desk to write this post just because ….I don’t know what but as I’m sitting here I just realize I’ve never looked at my room from this angle before and it’s weird.

At this point, i think ur expecting some incredible revelation or some sort of a lesson to be learned from the fact that I’ve never sat or seen this side of my room before….soooooo……(insert enlightening message here) …

Thats its… giphy (1)



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Hi, there! I'm Kerren, a Professional Corrector of words/ SpoonFAU Editorial Director. Welcome to that little corner of the internet that oozes Positivity!

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