Thoughts I had While Running the 5kZombieRun !

So i actually did it.And it wasn’t as hard as i thought it was going to be. Any-who here are couple of thoughts i had as i ran that 3.1 miles:

I really want to just leave but….i want that medal!



Is it over yet? How long till the first lap is over?

Man,I’m Hungry !Will there be snack or pizza at the end !                                      

Screams out Loud “Eat Them, Not Me!!”

The Cars right there i could make a run for it and just wait this out ! No shame in that right ? 

James Curran loop perfect loop traffic marathon


What if i fake a cramp…maybe they’ll give me the medal anyways!


I wonder if any one’s noticing how slow i’m running now.Gosh i hope i don’t end up being last .*Runs Faster*


What do you mean one more lap?


I can’t do this .


Come on Kerren! Don’t be a punk!Finish ! You can do this!

Numecaniq colorful speed marathon

I can’t wait till i get to the finish line


*Reaches the Finish Line* Give me my medal !!!



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Hi, there! I'm Kerren, a Professional Corrector of words/ SpoonFAU Editorial Director. Welcome to that little corner of the internet that oozes Positivity!

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