Anxious Black Girl Chronicles: Don’t Touch Me!!

So i saw this on Facebook and it left me feeling so uncomfortable/nauseous/ i don’t even know ….

Basically this dude, Kan Seidel is a professional cuddler from Nebraska who now lives in New York City and Charges strangers 80bucks for a cuddle sesh with him.

My Reaction to the Whole Video :

I don’t know why but i don’t think i like to be touched…And i say think because well im not all that sure.

I get super aware of other peoples touch.Like if i tell a joke and the person cracks up and pats me in the shoulder and goes “Omg you so funny ” My focus goes straight to that touch.And my train of thought in moment like that lies along the lines of “What the heck i don’t know you like that .” To  “Why is he/she touching right now ….what is happening ? and maybe even “Omg he/she is touching me what do it do ?Do i touch them back ?DO i shake it off my shoulder?Why is this so weird?Get it Off of Me !!!!!”

But most often my train of thought is : “I don’t know what to do with that…”

Just to be clear its not the same for my close friends. I’m okay with my family and some of my close friends touching me but if i just met you or just not that close then the minute you touch me i will analyse and examine everything about that touch…Why you did it ?why it lasted so long ?Why the touch was necessary ?And whether or not i can move while its happening ?

Watching this video,my first reaction was to let me head explode but part of me kind want to try it.My inner White Girl want to be adventurous and try new crazy things.

I’ve been trying to plan a trip to New York for a while So if i grown the Lady balls to go up to New York for springs break this might be the kind of crap of might save for.You know just to have something to write about on here.

I’d most likely have to psych myself up to it and maybe find a friend to do it with just so i’m safe i guess…

But really tho is it just the weirdest thing.I would have expected to find something like this in Tokyo to be honest.Then again maybe that were the professional cuddlers got the inspiration.

Would you do this ?Hire a professional cuddler or is it just to weird ?




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