My Apoca-List

Its getting a little hard to keep track of all the things i want to do before i hit the bucket.So i’m writing it on here.

          1.     Camp/Hike at Yosemite National Park In California

I think i’ve seen about a dozen videos about Yosemite park(Louis Coles vlogs ,Buzzseeds lady likes video…)And i just feel in love. I’ve never gone camping or backpacking before and i doubt ill find some one i could go with so i’m going to be looking around for some group camping trips for beginner.


2.  Visit Banff National Park,in Canada and Last Holiday the Heck out of it!

Have you ever seen the last holiday ?That movie where Queen Latifah ,find out that she might be dying and uses her saving to go out into this hotel and treat herself to all the things she’s denied herself over the years.You should totally see it if you haven’t seen it yet.


3.  Hot Air Balloon Ride!

I’m kind of afraid of heights but heck i remember when i was young right after landing in Canada for a two month vacation with the family,during the car ride i noticed a flock of air balloons and thought to myself “Hmm i should ride on of these one day”.Hopefully i won’t fall out the basket and die…Yeah lets hope that doesn’t happen.

4. Run a Marathon(Preferably a Zombie themed)

I just want to run a marathon and say i did it.And Well if its a zombie themes marathon …(and i actually complete the whole things) it would be the best confidence boost ever.


update: I’ve signed up for the Run.Only thing i need now is a partner to come run with me…because i’m pretty sure i’ll have a panic attack and no one there to keep me accountable.


(To be Continued)

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