To be Honest, I’m pretty confused as to what this blog is even about anymore.

I’ve been gone from kerrblogs for a while now, and to be honest I’m not sure that I’m fully back on board or if I don’t wanna start over on something other projects.

So if your a tad bit curious about what I’ve been up to while I was gone then keep reading if not then….still keep reading because I said so.

I tried the Unicorn frappuccino and hated it…

Nothing much to say about that except that it was the worst thing I’ve ever spend money one and I wish I hadn’t tried it…


I Tried a Shushi Taco in Miami 


I drove around downtown Miami for a good 25mintes trying to figure out where to park SAFELY without spending too much money but (because I really really had to pee) in the end I ended up going to a valet parking building that was about 2 minutes away Burrito San.Ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way back home but omg it was worth it.

I Wondered around in CityPlace 


Walked around CityPlace(downtown west palm beach)  in search of Sean Yoro’s mural under a bridge.Got some really cool shots.

I Watch a Buttload of Korean 

If you don’t know….I’m obsessed with Korean dramas and lately, I’ve been watching two dramas that are making my thirst for travel harder to resist.

Mystery Queen (because I’m a sucker for Sherlock Holmes like shows and also Choi Kang-hee is one of my favorite Korean drama actresses) My Secret Romance ( because Sung Hoon is going to have my babies)

I went Girls Trip to Orlando 

Danielle and I went up to Orlando for a weekend and it was fun!Stayed at a really cool hotel!Ate lots of yummy foods!

Also, I had the biggest slice of pizza I’ve ever had in my liife (from lazy moon in Orlando)


That’s pretty much all I did while I was gone.It’s more than likely that I’ve forgotten some of the things I’ve done but mehhhh.So what have you been up to ?





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