Anxious Black Girl Chronicles:I Hate My Body,That Mofo is An A-Hole!

I Hate My Body!i think my body is an A-Hole!

I don’t think i’v ever posted a picture of me of me on here so ill just describe myself for you:

5’9 in tall & F.A.T

And That’s all i got.I don’t think I’ve ever really liked the body I’ve lived in except for that one year back in secondary school when skipped lunch everyday and ate half of my dinner or no dinner.(It was the worst) But i was noticeably skinnier then i’ve ever been in  my life which Suck/Rocked. Family friend would comment on how pretty i’v gotten and i would die a little inside thinking that to be beautiful I’d have to starve for the rest of my life..

Ugh My Body is an A-Hole…Why could it just have come with a tape worm or a black hole somewhere in my stomach so that i could enjoy all the tasty things i’ve grown to be attached to after that whole year of dieting.

Don’t say that Kerr,You beautiful the way you are!

I knoooow ….Part of me knows that I’m more than a number on a scale that I’m  beautiful on the inside and that the most important thing.Part of me know darn well that if i exercise regularly and try to eat clean(-er then i do now.)I could very much slim down.A Big part of me know that i should focus on self-love and everything else will fall right into place and i could start caring better for my body and whether or not it slims down or not it shouldn’t really matter.But Forgive me ,I’ve been brain washed to think less of my jiggly exterior so its going to take some time to get to i guess…like this A-hole of a body of mine.But hey,i’m trying here.

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