Hey there,The name’s Kerr and  i’m professional word misspell-er who actually like to write funny,sad,inspirational and weird and probably  made up stories.Here’s 12 facts about me.

  1. I’m 22 Years old .I was born on March 17th 1994…Yep i’m a pieces ….a pisces…yeah piscies.

  2. I’m Foreign…I was born and Raise in a little island formally known Hispaniola(Aka Haiti).I moved to South Florida after the earthquake in 2010.

  3. I’ve been 172 cm tall sense 6th grade….how do i know?well I’ve was measured at 6th for something that had to do with my class and i measured myself now…same height.

  4. I Love horror movies. I’ve watches just about every good horror movie worth seeing that out there right now.And My Dvd Collection of my favorite horror movies is growing…Ill tell you about it later;)

  5. I’m a psych Major.At first i was a nursing major then got fed up with the idea of becoming something i had no interest in,so i changed it over to psychology and now also i’m minoring in English.

  6. I’ve never dated anyone.And Not planning on it.I’m aspiring to living a full and awesome life as a cat lady.:)

  7. I Have Social Anxiety.A couple of summers ago my anxiety started effecting me on physical and academic level. Now i see a therapist and read lots of self help books.

  8. I might be low key psychic…ill tell you about that later.:)

  9. I’m christian.I know i might curse sometimes on here but i’m trying not to. I grew up in a christian household and Jesus is my best friends.

  10. I Love …Love…Love Bacon.I love bacon so much…I’d sell my little brother for a life time of bacon…(just kidding…i guess)

  11. I’m a rehabilitated pessimist learning to look at the bright side of things.

  12. Some of my favorite bands/solo artists include : Fall out boy , oh wonder, Jon Bellion ,Bring me the horizon ,2ne1 ,Fx, Queen Latifah ,Beyonce ,Sam Hunt ,  Linkin park, Luce ( French signer) ,Coeur de Pirate ( canadian singer) ,Neufeu ( french rapper ) ,Disiz (french rapper ).

That’s all i got for now ….You don’t have to go home but you should probably stop staring at this page now….Move on over to the blog post.

K Bye.