So my room might be haunted …but not really.

Ignore the dust ,the dirty desk and the and the penny of the floor . Focus on the clothe drawer that moving on its freaking own…yeah that .im not saying it’s a ghost .im not saying it’s not . But if it’s a gohst .it has some nerves!

Every time I get dressed and start heading out this gohst just opens up the drawer like “No girl this outfit is trash you need to change !” Like how dare you .i usually end up taking an other look at what ever in wearing and change.But still if it is a gohst , πŸ˜’I guess he\she must of been a fashion Savy person when she/he was living .

I doubt it’s an actually ghost but if it is …let these words be my last : How freaking dare you gohst ?!???!


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11 thoughts on “So my room might be haunted …but not really.

  1. Ok. Let me be honest here. I did not click play on your video. Call me chicken or whatever else you want but I won’t play that I’m too scared! I don’t even watch previews of scary movies LOL. (I seriously hope you don’t have a ghost!!!)


  2. That’s insane. I used to think I smelt smoke in my house and asked the ghost to smoke outside because our son has asthma. Never smelled smoke again, just sayin…


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