Will You Join My Zombie Apocalypse Training Team ?

Do you have a plan for the (probably not really going to happen) Zombie Apocalypse ?No ?Well I do .But that’s an other post for and other day!

I found out about the best thing  ever : Dells Zombie Outbreak !

Basically its a live action experience where you and your team will use guns to go across a military confided course.So basically the whole point the game is to shoot zombies and well…survive!


My plan to go off to Haiti for the summer had to be pushed back to the winter, but that doesn’t mean that i wont be having any fun this summer. Since the Zombie Outbreak is only 3 hours away in Central Florida Orlando and only $25.00$  it has been added to my summer bucket list.

The only kink in my summer plan is that i’v got no one willing to come along with me.My mom is definitely a no go, not sure she would be a good shot.My bother ….maybe. Going alone is an option but then i’d be grouped up with a bunch strangers on my team or on their team…and well i don’t know if they wont turn on me and try to leave me behind and what not. 

  1. Go Alone 

  2.  Drag my currently non willing friend along with me at gun point ( i’m kidding ) 

  3. Make some new friends that aren’t to wusses

So i guess i’ll have to add that to the top of my summer bucket list.Or maybe i could just post an add of craigslist ….

Looking for fellow Zombie apocalypse Fan to come to Orlando with me?

Food and Tickets will not be provided. Must be willing to submit to a level 2 background check and also be willing to provide a signed document that stated that you are not nor have you ever been a serial killer,psychopath ,sociopath, Jehovah’s witness, Scientologist or a hipster vegan…none vegan hipster will be considered!

Must be able to accept mc soft serve ice cream cones as payment!!

Or maybe i should just start dating…isn’t that what boyfriends are used for?…Going on zombie shooting adventures?Should i make an add for that too?

Looking for able bodied ,good looking ,christian college age,young man to go to Orlando with me !

Preferably Alive And Crazy Fifthly Rich!Must be willing to pay for the whole trip without expecting anything back in return.Must also be will to take a bullet or two for me .

Must be able to provide a signed document stating that you are not not have you never been a  republican or related to Donald Trump.

Must be able to accept m&ms as form of payment !

 And Just to make sure i don’t come of as some loon,i don’t actually believe that the world will end with a zombie apocalypse .But just in case ….just in case..better be prepared then sorry.

Paranoid ? who ?Me? Nahhhhhhhhhhhh




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20 thoughts on “Will You Join My Zombie Apocalypse Training Team ?

  1. That’s hilarious! Hope you find some friends or, a filthy rich boyfriend to go on the Zombie adventure. Our vacation will be a lot tamer.. LOL.


    1. Yes it’s like paintball but with lazers…so really more like laser tag (plus the zombies) . Even without the walking dead I feel like I will take it way to seriously .


  2. Lol, every video gamer such as myself has come up with several Zombie defense strategies, however, I still haven’t done real life testing of these plans yet.


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