National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!?

June 7th  Is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day at least that what this  random website i found on google says.!

Honestly i didn’t have to read it twice,I drove off to McDonald to honor this wonderful national holiday , i’v never heard off and bough myself a Vanilla Cone.

nom nom nom

I know it National CHOCOLATE ice cream day,but i’m not that much of a fan of chocolate ice cream.Before you light your angry mob touches and pitchforks,i have nothing against chocolate ice cream but…. vanilla is just better.

But it made me wonder…who comes up with these things?Who decided that June 7th was going to be a national holiday?How to i get in contact with these people because i have a couple of ideas for a National Holiday .

National zombie day .Imagine something like the purge but with out all the real death and the property damage. Imagine a day where we all pretend the be living throught the zombie apocalypse. Some of us with will be zombies and the rest of us will be the last survivors.

I think it should be the day after Halloween or maybe on the day of Halloween. Any ways if you happens to know some one who works for the calendar people who make up the holidays,let them know about my National Zombie day idea!






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16 thoughts on “National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!?

  1. hahah National Zombie Day can be a fun thing!
    I believe all these days are celebrated due to some local event or achievement. A few got really popular and are national holidays. Rest are just celebrated in small communities.

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  2. Oh shoot, we celebrated a day early… nobody tell my kids or we’ll have to celebrate again! National Zombie Day sounds pretty fun…hope you find those calendar people! ha!


  3. I prefer Vanilla as well. I am not a choco-holic. I barely like it, actually ssshhh (don’t tell anyone). I don’t believe there is a National Zombie Day, however, there is a Zombie Awareness is during the month of May.

    This Awareness month is founded by Zombie Research Society. Yeah, exactly, there is a Zombie Research Society. Here is the site to prove it. Just thought I’d share. lol

    This is what it says:
    Supporters are encouraged to wear a gray ribbons to signify the undead shadows that lurk behind our modern light of day. From May 1 through May 31, concerned citizens take this small step to acknowledge the inevitable coming danger.

    Have an awesome day 😉

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  4. Oh, was it? Too bad! I missed a perfectly good excuse to eat chocolate ice cream! I love ice cream and I love chocolate. I have to agree though sometimes you just want plain old vanilla.


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