Thoughts I had While Running the 5kZombieRun !

So i actually did it.And it wasn’t as hard as i thought it was going to be. Any-who here are couple of thoughts i had as i ran that 3.1 miles:

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Anxious Black Girl Chronicles:Know Yourself Fool!

So,i’m seeing a therapist again  And part of my homework before my next appointment with her.Is to well get to know my anxiety.In any battle , you cant win with out getting to know you enemy. You gotta find out what they like….Where they hang out …You have to get in there head .Once you get […]

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Anxious Black Girl Chronicles: Back to Therapy!

So…I went to therapy today… So the last time I went to therapy to my colleges counseling and Psychological service and it was kind of a disaster.The fellow i talked to turned out to be more of a Lecture-er then an actual therapist…so that was over real quick… But still Anxiety can’t be the ruler of […]

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