HBO : Haitian Body Odor

So I’ve been reading this book right. Ayiti by Roxanne Gay.It’s basically a collection of short stories from “one of the most interesting countries in America”-Kyle Minor.

I picked up this book a while back when I was working on my associate degree, I was just chilling in the library when I found it sitting on the edge of the shelf. As Homesick as I was at the time, I’d like to think that it called to me or maybe I called it out but it was probably just left behind by some student who didn’t find it interesting enough.

Big mistake.

Till this day I think this is probably on the best book I’ve ever read.

Anywho, one of the stories I found most interesting in this book wasn’t titled HBO but MotherF*ckers. It tells the the story of my homeboy Gerard who (kinda) like me was very angry at everything since he moved to the U.S and unlike me got bullied for being different & Smelling different. Can you guess how he was different? (Hint: Refer to the title)

He was Haitian.

I knew bullying was a thing but to get bullied for being Haitian was kind of mindblowing to me. But apparently, it was very real back in the days. Some of my closest friends have told me stories of how they would go out of their ways to hide the fact that they were Haitian so as to not get tormented…*Shaking my head*

At the end of Gerard’s story, they didn’t stop bullying him from being from the 509 (Haiti) but every time they called him HBO he replied back with one of the coolest lines from Die Hard: Yippy Kaye MotherF*ckers!


Good Job Gerard.




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