Weird Things My Body Does!

In about a day or two;i’m going to be putting myself in the type of pickle i would avoid like the plague as a child.Click here to know what that pickle is.

So i was sitting here thinking about absolutely every single thing that could go wrong and realized that my neck was literally cramping up while i was visualizing everything.But it was just the basic stuff like the heavy heart ,shortness of breath ,the multiple knots in the old gut….then something came to my mind: What if my leg does that weird thing again?

If you click on the link about the thing that i’m going to be doing in a couple of days;you’d know that i was referring to the zombie run which is a marathon type of thing .

The Weird Thing my leg does:

Its only happened a couple of time- but not enough time for me to say that’s a definite symptoms of my anxiety- at some point when i’d get anxious about walking throught a crowed area, e.i : library , mall or just any place with people…any ways while i would walk my leg would get this twitchy random spasm cramp thing .It it would just hurt until i’d find a quiet spot to stretch it. and try to get my head out of being so self conscious about my walking. Isn’t it a weird thing to be self conscious about;Walking ?

I looked it up and apparently  it actually a thing,go ahead and google :Calf muscle cramp Anxiety.

So that one more thing, that worries me about actually doing the race thing.My leg cramp up and i would be able to get throught the whole thing before the next race would start.


Not sure how i’m going to handle my anxiety the upcoming days.Maybe ill just wing it.Maybe ill just chicken out…or maybe ill just do it.


Daniela Sherer bored sigh idea wip








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