Anxious Black Girl Chronicles:Fat Girl Thoughts…

“I’ll buy  new jeans when i lose 10 more pounds”

“Ill have pasta now then walk it off later”

“How much does lipo cost anyways?I wonder if they have payment plans for those?”

“Why must the inner sides off my legging suffer….why must you rub each other so hard thy!! why!!???Can i just hold on to a pair for more then a stinking month…”walkaway5





“Why the Hell do waist trainers hurt so much ?Screw this!!.”waist1

“Stupid Boobs…Why cant you stay in your cups!!!”

“Going out for a run…should i double bra ….triple bra…hummm duck tape…Triple bra and duck it them mofos”




“….*Tries on old jeans*…Doesn’t fit…I didn’t want to wear you anyway …pshhhh”walkaway4






“Mehhhh,I’ll go to the beach after i loose the 10 pounds ”




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Hi, there! I'm Kerren, a Professional Corrector of words/ SpoonFAU Editorial Director. Welcome to that little corner of the internet that oozes Positivity!

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