Anxious Black Girl Chronicles:Know Yourself Fool!

So,i’m seeing a therapist again  And part of my homework before my next appointment with her.Is to well get to know my anxiety.In any battle , you cant win with out getting to know you enemy. You gotta find out what they like….Where they hang out …You have to get in there head .Once you get in there , you can beginning to anticipate there next moves.Same thing goes for anxiety!If you want to take back control of you life ,you gotta to get to know your enemy.

**Song that just potted into my head as i was writing this ;Getting to know you getting to know all about you….get to like you .getting to hope you like meeee.….**

My Symptoms

-Dry throat(dry like i haven’t had a drink of water all day)                                                                         -Palpitation(imagine a kid hyped up on cocaine playing the drums…yeah that’s what that likes)   The sweats (mostly on the forehead and the pit are)                                                                                    -Hard breathing (The Overly conscious of breathing,like am i doing this right.I hope they don’t notice how my breathing just changed up…breath…breath 1 ,2…1,2…in …out..)                                     -Hot flashes...(idk sometime i think that in these moments my body gets confused and thinks i’m gonna go through menopause now but only for a few minutes though)

Things i know about my anxiety(Triggers)…so far

  1. When a butt load are people are anywhere around me…a crowed Walmart,a busy library, a packed lecture room…
  2. Ill get even more anxious thinking about how i might be having a panic attack….basically i get panic attack over the thought having panic attacks..doesn’t make sense i know.
  3. Talking to strangers …inst an options.
  4. Talking to professors ….is definitely not an option.
  5. Walking throught a crowed group of people loitering around…is terrifying.
  6. Going to the movie alone…is not even a thought
  7. School cafetiere during lunch time…Is a hell now….

Cant think of anything else as of now so …The End.



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Hi, there! I'm Kerren, a Professional Corrector of words/ SpoonFAU Editorial Director. Welcome to that little corner of the internet that oozes Positivity!

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