Anxious Black Girl Chronicles: Good Day!

“Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day (shoooot!) ” -Ice Cube.

So today was a good day…I mean i quoting gangster rap so really …its been a really really good day.

Anxiety level…2 tap-dancing leprechaun out of 10 …(that’s 2 out of 10 btw).Woke up and started the day with a book, I found at target …you know target that place where you wallets goes to die…The book is Your Best Life:begins each morning.Is basically ,a daily devotional that help you stay a bit closer to the big men upstairs…(God…not Santa Claus).Right along with the book I’ve gotten in to the groove of doing yoga again…tonight ill try to muster up the energy to go for a run.But back to my day,On my drive to my 8 am class i decided to bust a lung and sing my heart out to some good ol’ worship music….if you haven’t guessed by now I’m christian.One of my favorite things about going to church back in the day was sitting smack in the middle of a praise session.There something euphoric and just all around warm and peaceful about moments like these.

Not sure if it was the devotional ,or the yoga ,or the singing…but that storms that usually starts up around my head and my stomach when i’m around people,was calm.Very calm for once.

And so yeah ….today was a hell of a good day.

I’ve yet to schedule an other session with my therapist,but Till then ,ill just keep on doing what I’m doing….=)

** SideNote:  I love how i posted about me being a christian on here an i started the whole thing off with a quote from a gangster rap song…But in my defense its a good song and also i censored it …soo…yeah…i’m done now .Byeeeeee…. **



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