6 Ways To Get Over a Cold!(according to me)

First and For most i would like to say that i’m not a doctor so….don’t sue me if you get sicker…or die from doing any of the things listed below.

  1. Water?Yes! Water !Drink all lot of that!

This morning when i woke up from a runny nose and heck of a headache i asked google”Why do good little boys and girl(such as myself) get runny noses?”

Google answered: Water and other fluids and drinks. Sweating and runny noses, common when people have a cold, can cause dehydration. This loss of fluids needs to be constantly replaced. The best drink is water.”

So drink lots of fluid boys and girls.Google says its good for yah!

2.  Drugs!Do Lots of Drugs!

(Only legal and Doc prescribed Drugs!Do go out there breaking the law because of something i types.)

Personally i use  NyQuilCold. Powerful 6-symptom cold & flu relief for night. Turn to NyQuilCold & Flu Nighttime Relief LiquiCaps™ to relieve your sneezing, sore throat, headache, minor aches and pains, fever, runny nose, and cough, so you can get the rest you need. ( that wasn’t sponsored by night NyQuil but i wound mind being…NyQuil people if you are reading this Holla at me)

*Be sure to read and do your research about any drugs your willing to put in your body boys and girls.*

3. Hot Bath!Hot Shawers…Showers…(i forgot how to spell that…oh well,you know what i mean) 

There is nothing more relaxing then taking a nice hot Bath or shawer…shower when you have a cold. Althought the relief you experience during the bath wont last long or all together get ride of you cold.It’ll definitely help you sleep better at night.

4.Drink Tea!

where are so many natural remedy for the cold out there.If your a fan of teas and natural remedies you definitely wont have a hard time find tea that’ll help you with you cold.But personally i think that as long as its hot and lemon-y it’ll help!


5. Netti potting!

I’ve never done this but i really want to. Netti Potting  is when you use a container (that looks a most exactly like a teapot) and its suppose to rinse debris or mucus from you nasal cavity. I’ve seen some videos of people doing it and its look gnarly!I’ve heard that its does help with the sniffles and the clogged up noses.

6.Hibernation !

If you never missed a day of class or a day of work.Then this is you chance !Screw trying to get over you cold.Stay in bed!Ride it out!Take baths !Sleep till you little heart feels like you cant sleep anymore!Or don’t !Enjoy you day off !

That’s all i got folks!

*Again,i’m not a doctor.So don’t take anything i say to heart.Do you own research,Consult you own Doctor(No WebMd doesnt count)!*




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