Wondering Around : Lantana Nature Preserve!

Sunday Are for Church X Food X Adventures!

After about an hour or two at the Boynton Beach mall, me and my mother(mostly me she didn’t really want to go but i was driving so it’s not like she had a choice) decided to go for a walk at the Lantana Nature center that’s right by the beach.

I’d driven past it a couple of time and well I waited till i had a willing partner to go on this  adventure with.(She wasn’t really willing but meh she got in the car with me…so that’s kind of willing ..right?)

Stepping out the car,my mother took one good look at the car-less parking lot and the dimly lighted trail and started protesting.”Nop,Nop,Nop…i’m not going….no one else is here…that way to dark…i’m not going “.

Mum speed walking throught the whole preserve because she to scared to linger for to long.


I dragged her in there any ways and its way quite a show.Call me A Monster but i like scaring people. But more in the “Hahhhhhh!*Jumping-Out-From-No-where-Kind-of-Way*” not the “i’m-going-to-shot-you-with-a-real -gun” kind of way.


My mum cursing at me because i screamed “Omg What that?!”(I’m a horrible daughter i know)



My old lady getting scared  by girl who came out of nowhere.



To be honest i think I’ve found my new favorite place!



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