Horror movie club : Light Out !

If you afraid of the dark,like deathly afraid of the dark and also happen to have a heart condition ….this might not be for you …or is it?

btw this gif is from the original short film the movie is based on 

Right of the Bat, i just love the concept.Could the movie have been better? Definitely! But was it completely horrible?No,not completely.Is it worth the movie ticket? Nop,wait till that sucker gets on Netflix .

Imdb gave this move a 6.8 out of 10.I give it a 5 out of  10. Let is sit smack in the middle.

This movie just isn’t that scary.There are a few good jump scares but very little build up .Over all this could have been better.

Side Note:While watching it i found it very similar to the movie Babadook

Over all ,it was pretty much a let down ,compared to the original short film.So save your money and watch the original on youtube.


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