Anxious Black Girl Chronicles: Back to Therapy!

So…I went to therapy today…

So the last time I went to therapy to my colleges counseling and Psychological service and it was kind of a disaster.The fellow i talked to turned out to be more of a Lecture-er then an actual therapist…so that was over real quick…

But still Anxiety can’t be the ruler of my life.And with some of my physical symptoms getting a bit out of control….and i also found out that my insurance will cover the fees for the therapist i found through their website…meaning i can totally afford it….yay.

Part 1  : Intake.

When you go to therapy for the first time be ready for a butt load of interesting questions.The first therapy session is always a “getting to know you ….getting to know all about you “phase.They ask you questions like : “do you have a history of mental illness in your familly?Are you depressed ?Do you have homicidal thoughts ?Do you have suicidal thoughts?Are you a psychopath?”Ok maybe not the last questions but you get the just of it.

Once they have these basic questions anser it comes shown to the “why are you here?part of the conversation and the what do you hope to achieve by coming to therapy ? “My answers always been “to get ride of my anxiety”

Part 2 : Lets Talk about it.

“In order for you to get the upper hand on you anxiety,you have to get to know it.”my therapist said.(btw one somethings about seeing a therapist is that you can quote him or her and say “oh my therapist said that i shouldnt be around all this good day sir.” its just sounds so much better than “Fudge out, i don’t need this dog poop”…see what i mean )

Part 3 :Hey little girl,want some drugs?

After about 30 minutes of talking and just taking in everything…my therapist put all my card on the table.Firstly,She told me i wast hopeless.Which i liked a lot.Secondly ,She told how heard it’s going for me to get to where i want to be in life;this kinda monster is a hell of a beast and she was glad i was strong enough to ask for help.( strong is a bit of a strong word but ill take it ). Thirdly,She offered me drugs and i said no.I like the idea of a drug helping me get through all of these things going on  in my head but knowing me…i find it hard to believe that i wont get hooked on these things.And also when i read up on some of the side effects for the Anxiety med, weight gain turned up quite a lot.So drugs are definitely not an options.

Part 4 : Homework ? 

“Don’t scratch off the meds just yet ok?Just keep an open mind and know that it is an option for when it get to hard to do it on you own.But hopefully it doesn’t come down to that just yet. First step is to understand you anxiety.Your homework for next week is for you to keep a journal and write down any panic attack,write down the situation the symptoms and well whatever you deem to be important about the situation.Well schedual an other session for next weekend ok ”

As much as I like her,I’m not sure ill be going back soon.The drive down to her office is about an hour and 45 minutes long.If they are open during the week-end ill consider making the trip every other weekend.but its still something i have to think about.With two jobs and a new semester starting up.Therapy is not going to be easy to squeeze in to my schedual.But ill try.So you should too.Ok?









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3 thoughts on “Anxious Black Girl Chronicles: Back to Therapy!

  1. I was apprehensive when I first started therapy and so many times I didn’t want to go but I persisted and it was the best thing I ever did. I know it’s different for other people but I did change counsellors until I found one I was comfortable with. I’m following you so I can read more of your journey.

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