I’m not prepared …at least not as prepared as i thought…Are you ready?

I’m not sure how the subject came about but somehow we ended up talking about the zombie apocalypse.Oh wait now i remember,Netflix.I think i was saying something about netflix not having enough horror movies and he said “Not that into horror movie anyway.”

“But how will you survive a zombie apocalypse or a Freddy Krugger epidemic ?”I asked

“Simple avoid white people ,avoid black poeple,never to ‘that noise’.Alwasy have a machete or sword.That kitchen knife is not to cut butter…Walmart has guns a back up generator and years worth of supplies and its down the block and i would have no problem killing anybody in there #noremorse”

*Note to self : I should watch my back around this dude,even thoe im pretty sure i could take him.(Yes i know you might be reading this and i stand my word i could totally take you in a fight) *

“oh walmart …really …walmart.would be a blood bath ….everyone will be thinking of that.There would be looting, killing and lots of stupid suicidal humans that will want to take everyone down with them.”I said.

“Which is why i would kill everyone .”

**Other note to self :Always watch me back around this dude.**

“500 plus people …you gonna kill 500 plus poeple ?”

“Hell yeah …sitting on the ammo with my ak47 ,kill anyone not necessary to my survival .#Nonewfriends”he said .

“where are you going to get an Ak47?”i asked.

“idk …what would/will you do ?”

“I live in a gated community .So gonna lay low and scavenge from the houses around .Use sticks and knives as a weapon .Steal a monster truck to get around .Ide stay away from the popular stores go for the mum and pop shops.”

“you live in a gates community what say you get out of this community ”

“I’ll use my trusty emergency zombie survival bag in my car scoop up my fam and head to a small airport where ill steal a plane and flight to Haiti and hid out in the mountains of the cap Haitian .”

“You have a zombie survival bag ?What airport?You know how to fly a plane ?You know how to land a plane?”

“Do I have a zombie survival bag ?I’m working on it.What Airport ?There a private airport near couple miles for my house.Can i fly a plane?I’ve seen it done …on tv. Can i land a plane ?I’ll figure it out when the time comes.”

I mean …flying an airplane looks pretty simple …i mean it’s not rocket science….right ?

*goes on google to look up aviation classes near by*






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7 thoughts on “I’m not prepared …at least not as prepared as i thought…Are you ready?

  1. I don’t like horrors either but I am crazy about SciFi! I mean, since I was little I watched Charmed. I loved reading books about alchemy and wizards and I still do. Then I started watching Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Originals, and since then I don’t seem to dislike it. And yes, I would love to know how to survive zombie apocalypse!


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