Androgynous ?Who ?Me? Maybe.

So i’m going over some of the slide for my personality /social Dev Class and in this chapter we are going over gender differences and gender role development.There is this link for the Bem Sex Pole Inventory .

Basically the Bem Sex Role inventory was developed by a Dr with the last Bem and it characterizes you personality as masculine ,feminine ,androgynous or undifferentiated.The BSRI is based on gender stereotypes, so what it’s actually measuring is how well you fit into your traditional sex role.

So i scored 60.833 or of 100 masculine points ,78.333 out of 100 feminine points.And finally 75.833 out of 100 Androgynous (neutral) Points.

I found my finding interesting but not all that surprising.

Click Right Here If you Want to Take the Test!


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