Trust Me, I’m (Almost) A Therapist: Its Not a Question !

Message :     It’s not a question but more of a thanks!! I’ve been following on Instagram for a while now and I say you are a wonderful person! I decided to finally give your blog a try and it’s amazing to. You are what I want to be but I can’t cuz I’m one of the most shy guy ever. So thank you for being you. Seeing you be you hopefully one day make get off my A**.



Dear Darr…D.D,

You must be psychic because I’ve been feeling pretty stressed out and very crappy about myself lately ,your email made me feel a little…ok a lot less crappy when i read it.So Thankx a million!!Thank you for giving my blog a chance! It actually means a lot.Its pretty trippy to read that I’m what someone else wants to be. Don’t let this fancy , awesome , typo infested blog fool you ,i’m a socially anxious mess of a girl.But i’m trying not to be.I hope you try to get out of you box too and HELL THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU TOO !=)

Again, you made my day/week !

PS:  Get off Your A** and go be you!



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Hi, there! I'm Kerren, a Professional Corrector of words/ SpoonFAU Editorial Director. Welcome to that little corner of the internet that oozes Positivity!

9 thoughts on “Trust Me, I’m (Almost) A Therapist: Its Not a Question !

  1. I love the message and also your response because they are both purely expressed with honesty.I remember almost getting the same response from a person I didn’t know yet he took the courage to approach me via Facebook to thank me and to let me know how much he appreciated my blog.. which took me by surprise because ever since i started blogging, i didn’t really know if I really do exist in the blogosphere hehe .. it’s always rewarding and motivating to see someone appreciating what you do
    Thanks for sharing


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