Joining A Cult….The vegan Clut…no really im turning into a vegan (but still having one Bacon-eating-cheat day)

So yeah I’ve gain a bit of weight…okay..okay a lot of weight…… i just thought,hey why not go vegan?
They always look “Healthy” so why not i guess…                                                                            Most people who know me ,know that i’m a red blooded(possibly vampire)-Passionate-Bacon-&-Steak-Lover,so really it was not the easiest decision,I’ve ever made.

Does it hurt ?

Does what hurt?

Turning vegan ?

Yes …Yes ,it does. Thank you for asking .It actually really hurts me to the core of my very soul but it must be done.
*(this is the part where you start a slow clap for the national hero that i am)*

When and How did you start you vegan journey Kerr?

Where?   About 2-3 weeks ago, i think.I kept it on the low till i was strong enough to admit to it; just in case i caved (which i did when my mother brought home some KFC but we’re not going to talk about that ).

How?   Well i kind of went in cold turkey,thought i decided to give myself one cheat day per month so i don’t go into to deep of a depression.
So i posted this picture on Instagram with the following tags


So of course my dear old friend Ruth ( Business woman & master Vegan,at least that’s what i think long time vegans are called),who didn’t believe me at first offered up some much needed advice.

“Can vegans eat white rice?” I asked .”Yes loll they can.You should  transition to be  honest.”.

“Is veganism like passing over to the other side…?”i thought .

“Don’t just run into it or you will not last.”she said.

So my next question was “How does one transition into the sad world of veganism ? ”

To which she answered throught a butt load of voice messages that ill look into more when i start over with my vegan journey…sometime on Monday….next next Monday.




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