Horror Movie Club: The Unborn!

Okay,So Right off the bat, i totally could tell that this movie was going to be Crap.


Okay not total crap but the 4.8 out of 10 it got on IMDB totally fits that’s all I’m saying!(honestly i would have given it a 3,a 4.8 is to generous ) The movie starts with a monochromatic scene where the main girl ,Casey Beldon is jogging down some road in the middle of god know where.Oh its also good to mention that it’s all happening during winter time.Girl,Why are you jogging during winter time?

When she stops running the girl noticed what looks like a young ghostly boy who seconds later turns into a dog with a mask.And still Casey just stands there and just stares at the dog who walks on to the woods.Stupid Right?Well it gets stupider.Don’t get me wrong there were some pretty good jump scares but not good enough to save the movie from its own suckyness (yep ,I’m making up words.Deal With it!).So I’m going to spare you the rest of the horrible plot summary.

And just End it with this.

Is this Movie even worth watching ?

If you have absolutely nothing else to do and you want to make fun of a horrible movie,then this movie is definitely for you.Heck! make a drinking game out of it.Take a shot everything Casey does something stupid.







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