I think i can,I think i can…5K Zombie Run!(also i might have Dissociation identity Disorder)

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I think i can do this but i have a feeling might just chicken out.If you knew to this blog then let me introduce myself my name is kerren ,I have social anxiety and i’m obsessed with zombies.

(this is the part were you say “Hi Kerren”or what ever they say at support group meeting)

I’ve been stewing over this for about an hour or two .I’m i can feel myself becoming more and more anxious over this.Seriously my jaw feels so rigid, i feel like i need a jaw masseuse,no idea if that an actual thing but i feel like it should be.

So i’m trying to come up with a buckets list for when i graduate and take my year of before applying for grad schools.Googling around i found out about the 5k zombie run going on in January at a city near me (Orlando).Before i even saw the price to participate  Anxious kerren came up with a bunch of reason why adventurous Kerren shouldn’t even try.

well we cant just go up to Orlando in the middle of the week .

Its on a Saturday.

Moneys going to be tight next semester, we definitely cant spend anything over 50-60 bucks for just one event.

Its 35 buck and we won’t even have to spend a night.Drive in ,Drive out. Badabing Badaban!

You don’t even have time to train …5k that’s a really long long…long run….can we even run for that long?

Its in 6 months…that a lot of time to train .

Its to far away You cant just drive 3 hours to Orlando by yourself then drive back? Mum and Dad wont let you.

We are 22 if we want to drive up there for one day.I think they’ll be ok with that. We’ve driven to Miami before .We can do this.

Who are we going to go with?We cant go do this alone?There will be people there?Real Live human people!!!

Anxious Kerren: 1  Adventurous Kerren :0


Anxoius Kerren Is Asshole…I should stop letting her ruin my fun…That why i’m just going to buy the ticket and let the fact that i cant get a refund  be my motivator.

Now to figure out how to start training for a 5k run…


To be continued …


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Hi, there! I'm Kerren, a Professional Corrector of words/ SpoonFAU Editorial Director. Welcome to that little corner of the internet that oozes Positivity!

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