Pole?Not a strip Pole?A Question Pole…or is it spelled Poll?

(PS: It may seem like common sense to know how to spell pole/poll but im foreign and English is my second language so blame my parents for not teaching me english first.That is all )

I’m assuming that most of you guys have probably seen the trailer for the new movie “Lights Out”,which is based of A FREAKING TRUE STORY!!!Just kidding well it could have been but i digress… The movie was based of off a 3 minutes long terrifying short film that was circulating around the internet.

So far IMDB ,has the film at 7/10. Which is pretty decent.Okay, so Here is my dilemma!I really want to go see this movie,but there one problem!All of my friends are (Punk-Ass-Bitchez )To scared to go with me  or just to busy.

What should I do ?


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15 thoughts on “Pole?Not a strip Pole?A Question Pole…or is it spelled Poll?

  1. I hope whatever the outcome you get to see the movie! I used to be into scary movies but since I’ve got older they really aren’t my thing… Give me a good rom-com any day! Although, I do want to see the new Purge movie as I’ve loved the previous two! xx


  2. It’s spelled poll, but it’s never an issue to ask, in case you really are asking or that’s just a way to catch our attention, if that’s the case, sorry for answering. I was intrigued with the trailer because I also watched the short where it was based from. I think it’s pretty terrifying and you should go kidnap a friend! Haha.


  3. scary movies are NO – GO areas for me so i guess am scared right now as to this post… hahahah. it should be POLL…as for the question within.


  4. Just kidnap a friend and go see the movie!! Scary movies are most fun to watch. The chill running down your spine as the story unfolds and the feeling to run away but the curiosity glues you to your seat. Oh! its’s amazing. The movie does seem a promising one. Go for it. 🙂


  5. I went through a period when I went to quite a few movies by myself. I felt a little self-conscious about it at first, but you can’t really talk during a movie anyway, so who cares? Now that I have two kids, and almost no “me” time, the idea of gong to a movie by myself sounds delightful.

    By the way, I love the title of this post.


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