The Pokemons Are Here!Run For Cover!

If you follow me on instagram then you probably already know ….ive been hooked!

I downloaded the pokemon Go mobile game about two days ago and im hooked.So far im on level 5 ,i ve gotten into about two fights, and also Ive joing Team Mystic (the bleu one).

So this is basicly how it works;the whole game is somehow connected to your gps and you can walk around your neightborhoud or city trying to catch pokemons .So as far as i know now the more pokemon you catch the high the level you get on.In this Vitual Pokemon World,there are PokeStops(its a real word location where you can go get some poke balls or other items.) and there are Gyms(Where teams can go battle for control of these real world locations).

So far ive found a poke stops near my neightborhood ,and two gym several neightbohoods away in a church parking lots.

So tonight i actually went out and tried to see what these poke stops were about.When i got to the location.I found out that i wasn’t the only trainer looking to reload on poke balls.

There was about two other cars hanging around the road(with there emergency lights on ) ย is addition to the three teenage boys i found sitting on the side walk.

I Drove on to the places i thought i spotted a Gym.And it turned out to be at a church parking lot.There was one other car there.And i had a feeling who ever was there with me was trying to win a fight against a Pokemon.

Driving around trying to find new Pokemons i havent caught yett has made me pretty paranoid…every time i would stop at a parking lot i would see other car parked next to me and think are they also playing the game?…it ridiculous i know.

I’ve got a handful of Pokemon in my possession right now,but I’m looking to catch a squirtutle,just because they are adorable.

Ps :here a picture of a Pokemon attacking me while I was trying to write this …don’t worry I got ’em guys !


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