Aren’t we all goth kids in the Cemeteries of life ?

I drove past a cemetery the other day ,while driving one of my coworkers home.I think i was listening to re-runs of the breakfast club on iheartradio that after noon but that doesn’t really matter .

We both saw three teenager dressed in black( a boy and i think 2 girls) walking across the cemetery.So i immediately  thought…”Omg Goth kids …in a cemetery…I thought these kind of things only happens in movies.”The boy was holding something square-ish ,almost like a camera.So i thought “Maybe there shooting a music video or some sort of sad poetry montage about death and there tortured souls….”.

I dnt think ive ever been so curious in my life.As much as i wanted to stop the car and watch them do there things.I had to drop my coworker  off .But when i drove back past the cemetery on my way home.There weren’t there.Which made me even more curious!I mean its not there sort of thing you see everyday,goth kids walking around in a cemetery looking all pale and mysterious ! i literally felt like i witness a UFO sighting.

Today as i drove past the same cemetery to drop Jess off (that my cowerker) ,She said something along the lines of :”What if they were attending a funeral?or visiting a loved one ?”

It was strange because i didn’t even think about that…My first and only thought was

“Wow…goth teenagers …in a cemetery…What are they gonna do?Are they trying to raise the dead?Are they hanging out ?This reminds me of that one movie …return of the living dead…man,i hope they survive…”

It never crossed my mind that maybe they were goth after all.Maybe they were colored-clothes-wearers?Maybe they were just there to visit a family member that passed away?But then again, the dress one of the girls was wearing looked pretty “steam-punk-ish ” so maybe they might have been goth after all?

But all of these thought kind lead me to this point where i realized that we are all goth teens when we go to cemeteries.I mean think about the dress code for most funerals are black & We’re all just big balls of tears ,sadness and lots of other emotions linked to grieving. Some one once said that in the eyes of death,we are all the same.Not sure who its was and i’m to lazy to give credit whom its due. Soooo….yeah….i’m just going to end it here.

P.S: i do realize that this post might be a bit depressing at the end so to make up for it here’s a picture of a kitty.Your welcome.

P.S.S: Unfortunate i couldn’t decide which one to give to you out of all of these pictures so…You get 3 cat pictures. Yay!lol.









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14 thoughts on “Aren’t we all goth kids in the Cemeteries of life ?

  1. Hahaha. The photos at the bottom of the post are really cool. Loved the first. On being goth teens, yeah, at some point we’ve all been there, in a metaphoric way. We’ve all tried to express ourselves in one form or another.


  2. Yep black is my go-to colour so I can see how one might mistake me for a goth if I were wandering around a cemetery :p Cute cats at the end ;p


  3. Maybe those children were attending a funeral? In my country when people go to the cemetery they dress in black. Cemeteries have security too, I don’t think teens can just go in there to hang around.


  4. I’m more a dog person but I believe that cats can be really funny and fun! Maybe one day I’ll take a cat as well


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