“So why are you single …?”

Family gathering can be fun,but they can also be very tedious and nerve wrecking.Specially if like me you single and have no intentions of changing that any time soon or ever.SO when you find yourself in these uncomfortable interrogation sessions lead by question “Why are you still single” feel free to borrow these answers that may or may not help subdue you interrogators.

  1. I don’t like people ( be sure to add that you not into bestiality or any other weird things)

2. Referre to Kevin’s video

3. I just don’t want to.

4. I’m not single, i’m in a relationship with the rock.He just doesn’t know it yet.

5. Haven’t you heard,the Zombie apocalyptic is upon us. I’m looking for a team not a husband.

6.*Drop what you doing and walk away while doing jazz hands*

And if they keep coming back for a legitimate answer that you don’t feel like giving them.I propose a game of hide and seek.





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29 thoughts on ““So why are you single …?”

  1. I don’t get why people ask this question as if it’s a requirement to have a significant other all the time. There are times wherein we just really prefer to be alone and not be under the pressure of a relationship.

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  2. I think remaining single is no big deal, at least not for the one who is actually single; although the questions might be raised in family gatherings. But I believe that those people who have no clue about us and our personality; were not in the vicinity to share our joys and sorrows have no right to comment on us being single or committed.

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  3. Haha, what a fun post! “Havenโ€™t you heard,the Zombie apocalyptic is upon us. Iโ€™m looking for a team not a husband” is absolutely perfect, I have to memorise it! On the other side, I wish people understood that being single is always better than being with a wrong person just in sake of not being alone.


  4. Hilarious post! I love everything abt It.. Im think From now on with the jazz hands while singing In my head” dont believe me just watch (Bruno Mars) ๐Ÿ˜‚


    1. Lmao I’m going to start using that too .instead I’ll say a smart blogger told me about a famous otolaryngology actors who once said “why on earth should I let a stranger in the house ” loll


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